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Setting the stage for new clients, before they even contact you In your equine lesson program.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

One of the most frustrating things to do, is to continuously remind clients of the policies, procedures, and expectations (PPE’s) of your program. So, how do we solve this (to the best of our ability of course)?

We set the stage for everyone prior to them even contacting you to get into your program.

Now you may ask, well how do I set the stage? Here is the answer:

  1. Have your programs policies and procedures in a place where clients can read them when they are in the stages of deciding if you are the program for them. I.e.- place them on your website. Clients can read them before and decide for themselves if they agree with them or not.

  2. If you do not go through a website, send an email, text a picture, something to allow interested clients to see your policies and procedures up front.

  3. If they are referrals, try to encourage your clients who referred them to give them a heads up on the PPE’s prior to coming in.

Lets chat about referrals for a second. Referrals come from clients or others who are familiar with your program. Now, when you have clients in your program enforce your PPE’s. You do not want any “wiggle room” for them to say oh just “say this” and you’ll get what you want. No. That’s not how it works. Policies and procedures apply to everyone. You do not want potential clients coming in thinking that they can influence you. This is your program. You are the boss.

Now of course, handle special situations on a case by case basis. You don’t want to be totally heartless. However, you can be very understanding and work with clients yet still enforce PPE’s. That part all comes from clear communication.

So, setting the stage for new clients prior to them coming in to your program, starts with how you run your program on the inside on a daily. And of course, if they aren’t referral then ensure they have access to your PPE’s prior to accepting them.

You never want a client to say the dreadful words of, “Well I was not aware…”

If you would like to learn more about setting the stage for new clients, check out my online course Creating Policies, Procedures, and Expectations for Clients in your Equine Lesson program.



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