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The 8 Main Factors to Consider when Making the Payment Policy for your Equine Lesson Program

When it comes to running your lesson program, it is vital to ensure that the processes in place allow you to get paid properly and efficiently. There are 8 main factors that all need to be considered when making the payment policy for your equine lesson program.

So lets get to it:

Payment Convenience

How easy is it for clients to pay you? It is best to have ONLY 2-3 main ways of payment. Cash, and a way that clients can use any debit or credit card. This way, it is very easy for clients to get you your money.

Main Payment Method

How do you ensure that your clients are paying you on time? This is very important to keep track of so that you are not working for free. It is always best to get paid up front prior to giving services.

Rescheduling with Proper Notice

What is your policy for clients that reschedule with the proper notice? Do you credit them? Find a time to reschedule? It is vital to have a policy in place for this as things do come up, and clients will need to reschedule.

Rescheduling without Proper Notice

This is important to have a policy that upholds a rule about what happens when clients do not cancel within the proper time frame. Your time is important and valuable!

No Call No Show.

It is definitely important to have a policy for no call no shows. This is one of the main reasons it is important to get paid up front.

How do Clients Book

Having a solid system of client bookings is important so that way you can keep track of everything. It is important to have a place where you and your client can both see past and future bookings.

Communication Methods

How do your clients get in touch with you? Email? Text? Phone call? This is important so that you can receive messages in time, and your clients know how to best get in touch with you in case of a cancellation.


Do you offer reschedules? Do you offer a refund? Do you credit? What if its a cancellation on our end due to weather? What if the family is sick? What if there is an emergency? Take into consideration all of these things, and the policy that pertains to each of them.

So, with all of that being said, make sure to have a method for each 8 factors when considering your cancellation policy!

Trust me, you would rather be prepared for when these cases arise!

For more guidance on making a solid foundation for your administrative policies and procedures you can do the following:

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