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The Reason Why: Lesson Horse Assessment

Man on man have I had my share with bad lesson horses.

I have had lesson horses sent to me that would rear, tried to buck me off, completely lame, and then some. You would think I had learned my lesson by the second one, but in reality it took me 5 bad lesson horses before I started picking the good ones.

I learned something new from each bad apple that came into my barn, and of course I sent them back.

By this point, I knew EXACTLy what to ask and look for in a sales/lease ad before I even contacted the owner and that saved me so much time.

Safe lesson horses is so important to have. The last thing you want is to have people getting hurt in your program, because you did not pick the right horse.

Have you ever seen a program with bad lesson horses, and put students on whatever just to make the money? Well, someones safety is not worth losing just to make money.

By now, I am a professional at picking out the right lesson horse. My mistakes in the past made me have a sharper eye!



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