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The Reason Why: Operations & Management

Even though the Academy officially opened December 1, 2015, I finally have reached the point where I have not had to change any policies or procedures over the last year.

I started out by allowing my clients to text me, and didn’t really have any “rules” in place. Each rule I had to create along the way, was created because a client did something I did not like and I clearly had to no rule in place to oppose it.

So, after enough of this I created my entire operations and management to keep everything in line. My clients know the policies and procedures even before they decide to apply to the academy. There are constant reminders monthly send out via email to both new and returning clients so they never forget.

I went from operating on a system that served 5-10 clients, to one that serves 100+ and works for everyone.

It’s hard to see that far ahead if you only have a few clients like I did in the beginning. I never knew the academy was going to grow as large as it has. BUT, the system I have in place at the Academy can serve many many more clients, and it is a wonderful feeling to have to not worry about that!



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