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Let's start finding that missing link...

This exercise is designed to help you find the missing link in the communication between you and your horse.


Here, you will dissect the desirable, and undersiable actions of your horse, your reaction to these behaviors, and your horses reaction to your reaction.


In the end, we will find the missing links.


Now, this exercise will only work if you are 100% brutally honest with yourself, and your horses behaviors. Often times, negative behaviors go to long without the proper correction,  if any, for that particular horse.


During this process, don’t be to hard on yourself. We don’t have the answer to everything and we have to give ourselves credit for the things that we have tried to do.


This exercise just allows us to take a step back, and analyze the behaviors of our horses, and the interventions we are using to address them.


Click the Link to Sign up and Download, and lets dive in...

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