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My Thoughts:
Horses are such intelligent beings. It is up to us to learn their language, to best be able to communicate with them. When you understand what your horse is telling you, the relationship then becomes a lot easier to build.
I truly believe that each horse has their own personality, communication style, and learning style. When it comes to working with horses one technique does not work for all of them. However, what we can find is the one technique that works for that horse. How do we do that? you may ask...and I say by learning their language.

In order to keep producing great horseman, we need to have places to facilitate such teachings. That is why I truly believe in the importance of lesson programs. A place where aspiring equestrians can go to learn and grow into the great horseman I know they can be.

My hope is to not only assist individuals to help them become the best horseman they can be, but also assist lesson program owners and operators to create solid spaces of learning. Whether it be to help bring their lesson horses along, or assist in the administrative set up, I am here to help.

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” The horse is the best judge of a rider, not the spectator. If the horse has a high opinion of the rider, he will let himself be guided. If not, he will resist.”

 ― Nuno Olivera

Hi, I’m Brittney

An equine professional dedicated to helping others learn the equine language.

Growing up, I was your average horse crazy girl. I have been around horses my entire life, as my father is a trainer himself. So basically, I was born into this wonderful lifestyle. I have always wanted to be a horse trainer, and growing up that is exactly what I set out to do.  


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