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Discovery Call

The 30 minute discovery call is designed to quickly go through your program to see which areas may need the most improvement in order to get, or keep your program on the right track.

$35/ call

Strategic PLanning Session

During the one hour strategic planning sessions, we will go over one specific area of your choice in your program in depth.


Upon call completion, an in depth action plan will be created and emailed to you in order to move that area of your program forward. A free 10 minutes follow up call will be scheduled at the end of the call for a check-in on progress

$65/ call

Package Deal:
4 Strategic PLanning Sessions

This package will include planning workbooks for each topic and we will dedicate one hour a week for 4 weeks, into the following areas of your program:


Admin. Processes & Procedures

Lesson Horses

Client Population & Retention 

Upon call completion, a written action plan will be created and emailed to you, to move your program forward in the areas of your choosing. One 10 minute follow up call a week will be scheduled for check in.

$250/ month

Audit Options

Ready to enhance your equine lesson program to the next level? Take charge of your policies, administrative processes with our comprehensive audit forms designed specifically for busy horseback riding instructors and program operators like you!


Dive deep into the core aspects of your program with our individual audit forms tailored for policies, administrative processes, and lesson horses. Uncover areas of improvement, streamline your operations, and ensure the welfare of your equine companions.


Worried about time constraints? Don't be! Our forms are crafted for efficiency, allowing you to complete them at your own pace, whenever you have a few moments to spare. No need for lengthy phone calls or time-consuming classes – just a few minutes of dedicated reading time is all it takes to make a significant impact on your program.


Prefer a one-stop solution? Opt for our combination audit form, providing a holistic assessment of your program's policies, administrative procedures, and lesson horse management all in one convenient document.


Empower your equine lesson program today by submitting our audit forms. Invest in the success and sustainability of your program while ensuring the well-being of your horses. Take the first step towards excellence – submit your audit forms now!

Strategy Calls


Are you passionate about providing top-notch equestrian lessons but find yourself facing challenges in areas such as policies, administrative processes, program structure, curriculum development, or even finding the perfect lesson horses? Look no further! Our specialized strategy calls are designed just for you.


Embark on a journey of excellence with our tailored strategy calls, where we dive deep into the crucial aspects of running a successful equine lesson program. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our expert consultants are here to guide you every step of the way.

During a strategy call, we will design a plan specifically geared towards your programs unique set up. After the call, you will be emailed a detailed report of what was discussed, and the steps to move forward.


Join us for an enlightening and empowering experience that will elevate your equine lesson program to new heights. Whether you're seeking guidance on a specific area or looking for comprehensive support across all fronts, our strategy calls are tailored to meet your unique requirements.


Don't let obstacles hold you back from realizing your vision of a thriving equine lesson program. Take the reins of your success today with our strategy calls. Contact us to schedule your session and start galloping towards excellence! 🌟


Program Policy Audit

This audit will take a close look at your programs policies to ensure that they are working towards your programs benefit and that there are no loopholes.



Administrative Process & Procedure Audit

This audit covers your programs  administrative processes and procedures to ensure your clients have the smoothest experience possible with a top tier lesson program.



Policy & Admin Combo Audit

This is the perfect audit to have done if you would like your administrative processes and your policies work hand in hand to ensure smooth processes for both you and your clients.


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