Hi! I’m Brittney,

An equine professional dedicated to helping others learn the equine language.

Growing up, I was your average horse crazy girl. I have been around horses my entire life, as my father is a trainer himself. So basically, I was born into this wonderful lifestyle. I have always wanted to be a horse trainer, and growing up that is exactly what I set out to do.  


I started out riding the crazy little ponies, and grew into trying several different disciplines on my journey in both the english and western world. 

One thing that I noticed, is that sometimes when you are training in a certain discipline you only learn techniques of that discipline. How often are techniques from other disciplines used, and somewhat modified to assist training and riding, while still accomplishing the desired goals of training and riding.   


During my time taking lessons and studying different styles I have created several techniques to help riders become the best they can be. 

When working with others on learning how to best improve their riding skills, I focus on correct rider bio mechanics to best help the rider flow with their horse. I often see riders get in the way of their own horse or simply lack communication. Enhancing this connection between horse and rider is something I seek to assist others with.


When it comes to ground work with horses, I believe communication is still number one. Helping fellow equestrians create a better bond and understanding with their horse, is something that I delight in. Everyone should have a horse that they can enjoy.  


I truly believe that learning to speak the equine language is the most important thing in order for us to build a successful relationship with our horses, and that, is what I am here to help you accomplish.

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