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10 Suggested Barn Rules for Your Equine Lesson Program

There are always a few extra things you want people to know when they come to your program, but you may not want to have it on your website or in your policies. So, you add them to your list of barn rules that you have hanging in your barn! This is a list that yo iwill go over when clients arrive for the first time.

1. Rules about running around the property, and having designated areas for clients to stand, and sit.

The last thing you want is to have an accident because a sibling or student was running around a spooked a horse. It can be prevented!

2. Where the parents are allowed to be during the lesson. Can they be in the barn with their kid? Can the go in the stall? Do you want them to wait in the car?

You choose what is best for you and your students! Some barns don’t mind having everyone hang around the same spot, and others it becomes to much. Do what is best for you, your student, your team, and your horses.

3. How involved you want the parent in the lesson. Are they allowed to speak, while you’re teaching?

Set this rule early! Think about how it will affect your training and lessons.

4. Can anyone feed a horse a treat?

Some horses need a special diet. Some horses take treats more aggressive than others. The last thing you want is for someone to get nipped on the finger, or a horse to get sick or choke.

5. Can anyone walk up to a horse and pet them?

Some horses may by head shy. Some horses may be in training. Some horses can get mouthy or bite. You want to be aware of what’s happening at all times!

6. Do you want anyone in the barn isle unsupervised or without staff present?

Again, the last thing you want is for a guest or a horse to get hurt and you not be there to witness it.

7. If you have other animals, what are the rules surrounding them?

Let’s take barn cats for example.Can they be pet and/or picked up? Would you rather them be left alone? Do whats best for the animal and the client.

8. Do you allow indoor or outdoor voices around the horses?

Some horses may not receive loud voices well as they can be energy sensitive. Especially newbie horses in training.

9. If the family brings a guest, where can they hang out?

Keep this same barn rule across the board! Again, every barn is different.

10. What are your clothing requirements?

ALWAYS recommend close toed shoes and long pants!



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