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5 must have polices for your equine lesson program

A booking and Payment Policy

Have a day of the month were clients must tell you they will continue riding with you. This will allow you to clear up your waitlist, no questions asked. If your clients do not reserve their spot, then it will be given away. In addition, clearly explain the expectations of payment.

Ex: Bookings/request for services are due by the 15th of each month. Invoices will then be sent out the day after bookings are due. Extra lessons per month will be given if desired, and if space is available. An invoice will be sent and must be paid by the 25th. Any bookings/requests made after the bookings due date are not guaranteed approval. Any late invoices will be charged a $25 late payment fee. If payment is not received after 3 days of the invoice due date, your lessons will be canceled and you will be moved to the waitlist. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, or via online member’s portal. Any bounced check will result in a $25.00 fee.

A Bad Weather Policy

Have a very clear and defined weather policy. What happens when the winter or summer weather hits? Who calls first? How are payments handled? What’s the protocol.

Ex: In the event of severe weather where it will not be safe to ride in the indoor arena, a horsemanship lesson in the barn will be given in place of riding. However, in some cases of extreme weather, barn staff will contact rider/parent via text message no less than 2 hours prior to the lesson to cancel the lesson at no expense to the rider. A credit will be given to the following month or a makeup will be given if space is available. If clients wish to cancel on their end due to bad weather, it must be done within the 24 hour time frame.

A Cancellation Policy

Have a CLEAR cancellation policy. How will makeups be done? Will you allow unlimited makeups? Remember, you have a business to run. Having a strict and clear cancellation policy will make clients more inclined to respect your program and make their lesson. No one likes to waste time or lose money!

Ex: To cancel a lesson, “Person” must be contacted 24 hours in advance of the cancelled lesson, and a make up day will be scheduled, or a credit towards the following months bill will be given. Cancellations less than 24 hours will result in full charge for the lesson. Only one cancellation is permitted per month for a credit/reschedule. All other cancelled lessons missed will be forfeited.

No Call No Show Policy

Have a no call no show policy. Your time is important!

Ex: There will be NO REFUNDS on a no call, no show. Full amount will be charged. 2 consecutive no call no shows will results in a termination from the academy with no refunds.

Un-enrollment Policy

Have a policy about unenrolling from your program.

Ex: Voluntary un-enrollment from the academy with less than 30 days notice will be a full charge for the month.



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