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6 Suggested policies & information to have easily available for your equine lesson program

What do your lessons consist of?

Have the length of each lesson, and what is included in the lesson. This will eliminate the question of: What all happens during a lesson?

What’s the weight limit?

Have an approximate weight limit for your horses. Remember, horses are living animals, and not robots. They can only carry so much weight. You can add this as a screening question if you have an application process.

What happens if riders late?

Have a late arrival policy. Your time is valuable.

Ex:If a rider is going to be more than 5 minutes late to a half hour lesson or more that 15 minutes late to a one hour lesson, barn staff must be notified or the lesson will be forfeited, and the full amount will be charged.

What is the dress code?

Make sure to let your riders know what is appropriate to wear around the horses and what is not appropriate.

Ex: Closed toed shoes, and long pants are required

What ages do you teach and accept?

Having this information available will screen a lot of applicants in the beginning. This will eliminate the question of “What ages do you teach”.

What level of riders and style do you teach and accept?

Do you teach beginners? Intermediate? Advanced? All of the above? English and/or western? This too, will screen a lot of riders in the beginning.



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