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Arena & Barn Etiquette: Are you practicing it?

One thing that I always teach my students or anyone in training with me, is proper arena and barn etiquette. Many of these “etiquettes“, are simply for safety. The last thing we want is for anyone to get hurt over something that could have simply been avoided. Below is a few simple tips in hopes to keep everyone safe and happy. So lets dive in...

Barn Etiquette tips:

  1. Clean up after your horse in the cross ties/grooming area. If it’s shedding season, sweep up your horses hair. Pick their feet? Sweep it up. They go to the bathroom? Scoop it up if its poop, cover with shavings if its pee and scoop up after its dry.

  2. Ask permission before feeding other horses that don’t belong to you. You never know if that horse is working on a behavioral issue, or is on a special diet.

  3. Ask before you pet a horse that is not yours.

  4. If you see others may not be aware of the norms around horses (ex. Running and yelling), inform them. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt because you did not speak up.

  5. Do not let your horse, greet another horse without that owners permission. That horse may not like other horses and this can avoid an incident down the line.

Arena Tips:

  1. If you are going slower, stay to the inside. Allow the horses that are going a faster pace enough room to pass on the outside.

  2. Track the same way as other riders. Avoid riding head on.

  3. DO NOT turn out another horse if someone is riding in the arena next to you without their permission.

  4. Ask permission before lunging a horse in the same arena as someone riding.

  5. When you are entering an arena and there is someone in there riding, ensure that they know that you are coming in. Do the same when you are exiting. Everyone should know when the gate will be opened and closed.



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