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The Reason Why: Creating a Culture for your Program

Man oh man…I know I am not the only one who has had to deal with some one whether is be staff, student, or parent that did have a positive energy and was dreadful to be around.

When clients come to your program, you want them to be excited and look forward to coming. You want your staff to look forward to working with their students. You want the parents to be happy.

Early on, I tried to make everyone happy and this was a big fail. Making one person happy can cause everyone else to be miserable.

As my roster grew to the point where I 60+ riders I started to learn who was best for my program both staff and client. I started to recognize this by the initial email that was sent inquiring about enrollment.

Because of the type of environment that I have for my academy, if I felt that someone would not be happy with how we ran things, I would tell them up front. I would tell them up front and then refer them to someone who I think would be a good fit for them as I did not want to leave them hanging.

Create a culture in your program that you wake up to every day and look forward to going to. It will save you headaches, and the dismissal from clients in your program.



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